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YES - our NDS multicarts are 3DS compatible. They work on all current version Nintendo 3DS consoles up to firmware version 2.1 (U, E, J). Other cheap multi-game cards work ony on DS Lite and are not compatible with Nintendo 3DS and DSi / DSiXL like our quality carts.

3DS compatible multicart

dsi warning

Warning for Nintendo DSi owners. If you have purchased a DS Multicart for use on DSi please be advised that the latest System Update 1.4.3 has a "glitch" in it that can make DSi incompatible with Multi-Game menu. Our technical staff is working on this and we hope that with the next update this issue will be fixed, but in the meantime - please, Do NOT update Your DSi until we issue an upgrade for our carts if you want to continue using multicarts without interruption.
more about DSi 3DS System Update


NDS Multicart Game Menu Options

DMA [v]

Direct Memory Access By default this option is disabled, but if you activated it may increase game load speed. If you most of the time play small games and do not experience long load times there is no need to activate DMA.


Reset [v]

This option adds a way to get back to DS game menu (game list) without turning the console off and on. When in a game push the two shoulder buttons plus all four action buttons together and you will jump back directly to game selection menu. [L][R] + (A)(B)(Y)(X)

This option is also not active by default and has to be activated by user because it could be considered a HACK - not present in games sold in stores and in some rear cases could interfere with normal operation of the game.


Cheat [..]

Activates Action Replay Cheat Codes for the game. Adds Infinite Health, Armor, Coins ... unlocks all levels or adds new features, but use it at your own risk as some combinations of cheats could be incompatible. Also cheats are not currently available for all games, and they may make the game too easy.



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